Consultation Lessons

The right fit

We recognise that learning a musical instrument is a very personal experience and having the right teacher is essential. That is why we always offer a consultation lesson in the first instance for Home Tuition – a chance for you to meet a prospective teacher and make sure you are happy before committing to regular lessons.

What to expect

Consultation lessons work best if you already have an instrument. If you are a complete beginner, the teacher will introduce you to the instrument, show you how to set it up, and show you how to begin making a sound. If you have already been playing for a little while, a good starting point is often a piece of music that you have already learnt or are currently learning. As part of the lesson, the teacher will also discuss with you (or a parent where appropriate) what you want to get out of your lessons and whether you want to work towards exams (when you’re ready), or simply play for pleasure.


Consultation lessons are charged at £17.50 and are 30 minutes in duration.

After the lesson

Afterwards, simply contact the YMES office to let us know how the lesson went and confirm whether you want to go ahead with regular lessons.


Click here to arrange your consultation lesson.

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