Our Added Value

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Discover how YMES can make a tangible difference to the quality of your music provision – over and above our weekly delivery of lessons, unlocking added value to take your music from good to great.

For schools with a clear vision for music, we can work with you to achieve your priorities.

For schools benefitting from some assistance in navigating the way forward, our subject experts can devise a staged development plan at no extra cost. Wherever you are at in your journey, YMES is here to support you.

Our best asset is our teachers – their passion and talent shines through and drives pupil outcomes.

On both our TAAS and FAS contracts, schools realise all the benefits of a managed specialist service including centralised recruitment, vetting, induction and monitoring; cover options in case of absence; and wraparound support.

Recognising that every school is unique we offer as much individualisation and flexibility as possible, with different calendar and billing options as well as tailored lessons for each school as required.

Your YMES relationship manager will oversee all aspects of the partnership and work with you to ensure success – and for FAS contracts will handle all communication and billing with parents.

Our wider partnerships across the sector ensure access to a range of additional support services – such as instrument rental schemes.

Contact us today via hello@ymes.org.uk for a competitive quote and to see how YMES might be best placed to partner with you on an aspect of your music provision.