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Teaching as a Service (TAAS)

TAAS contracts are available for all our teaching programmes.

One central contract is signed by the school (or academy trust) for a specified number of teaching hours.

One central invoice is issued to the school (or academy trust) each term for all teaching to be carried out under the TAAS contract that term.

Simple transparent pricing
TAAS contracts are structured with simple hourly rates for each teaching hour – fully inclusive of all elements of our added value service and no hidden extras.

Autonomy over parental charging
In respect of Small Group Lessons and Ensembles, schools can choose whether or not to pass on some/all of the charge to parents.

Flexible scheduling
We offer fully flexible contracts with 30, 33 and 36 week options so you only pay for what you need.

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Fully Administered Service (FAS)

FAS contracts are available for our Small Group Lesson programme only (or potentially Ensembles / Bespoke Projects).

A master contract is signed by the school (or academy trust) allowing YMES to enter into individual contracts with parents.

Individual invoices are issued to parents each term for their child’s lessons.

FAS contracts have the following additional benefits for schools:

Reduce the burden
All administration is handled by YMES, reducing the time spent by school staff on organising lessons.

Simplify the process
All enrolment and invoicing is handled through our portal, simplifying the process and removing the need for paperwork.

Mitigate the risk
Agreements/invoices for lessons are between YMES and parents, mitigating the school against all financial risk.

Costs for FSM/PP children are typically invoiced wholly/partly to the school instead of the parent – arrangements to be determined prior and there are a range of options.

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