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Specialist PPA Cover

Classroom Curriculum Lessons


Class music lessons fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum, delivered by YMES teachers as part of the regular timetable.

Units are designed to be practical and creative, addressing Ofsted’s ‘teaching music musically’ agenda. Work is tailored to suit each school and the starting point of the cohort.

Weekly lessons throughout the year of 45-60 minutes are recommended. Or provision can form part of a carousel by agreement.


Provides high quality lessons from a music specialist ensuring that progress in music is maximised.

Relieves class teachers from a subject they may be less confident teaching.

Presents a solution for PPA that is flexible and easy to implement. YMES works according to your needs and provides complete end-to-end oversight.


Usually KS1 & KS2.

EYFS or KS3-5 by agreement.


Wider Opportunities

Large Group Instrumental Lessons


Wider opportunities (aka ‘WCL’, ’WCET’, ‘First Access’) provides all pupils in a class with lessons on an instrument. Delivery is in a large group as part of the regular weekly timetable.

Over the course of a year, pupils learn basic technique, a number of fun progressive tunes, and associated musical knowledge.

Pupils are encouraged to continue in a small group setting afterwards if they wish to progress further.


Contributes significantly to pupils’ musical and holistic development.

Ensures that all children, regardless of background, have the opportunity to learn an instrument.

Gives children who wouldn’t otherwise have opted-in the chance to discover a love for music.

Breaks down the perception of music as ‘elitist’ and establishes a culture of inclusivity.

Fulfils the DfE’s pledge that all children should have the opportunity to learn an instrument.


Usually KS2. Adaptable for KS1 or KS3.


Small Group Lessons

The Traditional Peripatetic Service


Tuition is available for beginners through to advanced students and is delivered in group sizes of 1-5.

Available on a wide range of instruments and in singing.

Now available via an online format as required.


Ensures that pupils have access to high quality instrumental/vocal tuition in a structured school environment.

Allows pupils of all ages and levels the opportunity to reach their musical potential.

Contributes to the vibrancy of a school’s music department, providing players/singers for school ensembles.

Supports the preparation of students towards concerts and GCSE / BTEC / A level performance modules.




Ensemble or Singing Leadership

Developing Group Musicianship


YMES teachers providing leadership or support for extra-curricular ensembles such as school orchestras, bands and choirs – or for Key Stage singing practices.

Amended format now available via an online format as required.


Enhances pupils’ musical and all-round development, and promotes teamwork.

Raises the profile of the school and its music department with potential to play/sing at school concerts, open days, and out in the community.

Ensures an engaging and musical approach to Key Stage singing practices.




Bespoke Projects

Meeting Your Individual Needs

YMES works in partnership with schools to create programmes that meet your needs. Contact us today if you have a project in mind for collaboration.